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Credit & Financing

What is right for you?
Loan or lease?
Low monthly payment?
Do you need depreciation or expense?

C.N. Wood offers solutions to your unique financial needs. Through our relationships with many different lending sources, our finance department can assist you in selecting the right finance or lease option for your needs. We arrange financing for new and used Komatsu and non-Komatsu equipment. We can even arrange financing for equipment purchased from another distributor or assist you in obtaining a capital loan.

Finance terms are always at competitive rates and may include any of the following:

• Minimal down payment
• Seasonal skip payments
• Balloon payments
• Extended payment terms
• Delayed first payments

Leasing may be the best fit for your business for several reasons:

• Cash flow – no down payment – only one or two payments at lease inception.
• Lower monthly payments than an installment contract.
• Possible tax advantages – discuss them with your tax professional.
• Use of newer equipment to reduce maintenance costs.

Call our Finance Manager, Dick Thomas, at 781-935-1919 x217 to discuss your finance or leasing needs.

C.N. Wood's Credit Application
If you are submitting an application for tax exempt or resale status, please include one of the forms listed below with your application.
Note: All accounts will be charged tax until the correct form(s) are submitted.

Massachusetts Sales Tax Exempt & Resale Forms
Rhode Island Contractors Exempt Purchase Certificate & Resale Certificate
Form 9127.pdf - Exempt
Form resale.pdf - Resale
Vermont Forms for Resale & Tax Exempt
Maine Forms for Resale & Tax Exempt

Questions? Email them to dthomas@cn-wood.com