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Turning Blue!
Komatsu's Patented Supercoolant

Coolants are important to prevent freezing, corrosion, cavitation and rust in your machine's cooling systems. Komatsu's patented Supercoolant is a proprietary formulation that provides long life protection from any problems related to the cooling system.

Did You Know?
About 40% of all engine downtime can be traced to cooling system failures.

Protect your investment with the latest coolant technology. Komatsu's Patented Supercoolant's distinct blue color sets it apart from all other “long life” products. Tested and approved for use on C.N. Wood, Supercoolant replaces older technology formulations and may be used in any make or model.

At your next service interval, take the long life approach—just fill it and forget it!

Facts of the Matters
• Advanced – A patented Komatsu product, a proprietary formulation.
• High Performance – A superior additive for improved cavitation
 resistance and  reduction in galvanic corrosion (pitting)
 and sedimentation.
• Economical – Boasts 2 year/4000 hour replacement interval, reducing
 There is no need for periodic replacement of the coolant filter and
 corrosion resistor.
• Convenient – Pre-diluted. Just pour.
• Pure – Made with purified deionized water. Supports proper long-term
 pH level.
• Safe – Low toxicity, and environmentally compliant.