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As engine oil and hydraulic fluids circulate to lubricate parts and disperse heat, these fluids pick up contaminants, like dirt and small particles from component wear, which can cause tremendous damage to a machine, if left unfiltered. The correct filters will actually help maximize machine performance and extend its life.

* Komatsu filters have a 2-stage filtering system—a 25-micron
 full-flow filter, plus 7-micron bypass filter, which blocks particles
 as small as bacteria—reducing bearing wear by at least 30%.

* The capacity of Komatsu filters to hold dirt is high. If a filter has
 inadequate capacity, the bypass valve is triggered to open early,
 allowing unfiltered fluids to flow through its systems.

* Komatsu filter canisters are made of low carbon steel to resist
 fatigue failure, and the center tubes are designed to withstand
 high pressures to avoid collapse, which would allow unfiltered
 fluids to pass through its systems. A failure in filter components
 (e.g., center tube, hold-down spring, and the canister) could
 result in engine or component failure.

* Komatsu filters last up to 500 hours. With more than 75 choices
 for filter media, Komatsu has selected long-lasting, durable
 synthetic materials that will not break or tear.