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KMAX™ System

Unique Design for Maximum Wear
Komatsu's patented KMAX™ System was designed by Hensley to deliver peak performance in all types of materials, from loose dirt to crushed concrete. The nose design is critical to the strength and longevity of the KMAX™ System. Its smooth shape and rounded design help reduce areas of stress concentration under load. The razor sharp teeth are elongated to increase strength and material flow. The design maximizes tooth strength without adding unnecessary bulk, so there's a minimal amount of material left when the tooth wears out (i.e., a low throw away ratio).

Better Penetration and Cycle Times
The streamlined design of the entire system combines with self-sharpening teeth to help increase penetration. With these features, the hydraulic pressure required is reduced, which decreases cycle time and fuel consumption.

Fast Changes
The KMAX™ System is designed for quick tooth installation with minimal hammering. Teeth can be changed in minutes. Simply use the unique reusable socket to unlock the fastener with a 90° turn, put on the new tooth and get back to work!

Made of Top Quality Cast Alloys
A superior heat treatment process assures that the KMAX™ teeth meet hardness specifications, inside and out. The hardness specification ranges from 477 to 532 on the Brinnell scale.

Reversible—Flip the Teeth
A reversible system can extend the life of your G.E.T. in applications where working methods and conditions cause unbalanced wear.

Reusable Locking Pins
Save money when changing or flipping teeth.

KMAX™ Teeth for Any Application

KMAX™ Series Recommendations for Excavators