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Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis-KOWA

KOWA is Komatsu's oil sampling system.
Analyze your oil regularly to help predict what could go wrong in the future.

Anyone who owns or operates equipment understands that the fluids running through the machinery are their lifeblood. Fluids like engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease and coolant protect and lubricate the equipment.

There are normal wear rates for each moving part of a circuit, which is lubricated with oil. As these parts wear, particles will appear in the oil. These particles are small but easily detected through regular oil analyses. An oil analysis will highlight increases in the quantity of contaminants and can identify areas of concern, opening the door for preventive action before a failure occurs.

At each oil sampling, you develop a baseline of contaminant levels. Periodic oil sampling shows changes in contaminant levels, which indicate wear patterns over a specific time period.

Monitoring contaminants in your oil helps identify premature failure of minor parts and eliminates catastrophic failure of the entire component.

  1. Purchase a KOWA Kit
    KOWA Kits are available from any C.N. Wood location. The kit includes everything you need to extract your oil—plastic containers, pump, plastic tube, instructions, field sample report form and a prepaid mailing envelope. The cost of the oil analysis is also included in the purchase price of the kit.
  2. Submit Oil Samples for Oil Analyses
    An independent laboratory conducts two types of tests on the oil samples—physical and spectrochemical. Physical analyses measure the physical characteristics of the oil, including viscosity, fuel dilution, oxidation and nitration, and concentrations of water, glycol and fuel soot. Spectrochemical analyses identify and measure 21 specific elements, including iron, copper, aluminum and silicon, which may otherwise be undetectable.
  3. Review Test Results to Assess Machine Performance
    Precise, easy to understand reports are provided by fax, through the mail or on an electronic bulletin board system over the Internet. Through these reports, the wear and performance conditions can be assessed for internal, oil-wetted components such as engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems.
  4. Review Maintenance Recommendations with your PSSR
    The detailed reports also include maintenance recommendations, which are produced from an equipment trends tracking program, so that you can schedule maintenance well in advance. Komatsu's PSSRs can help translate the results into maintenance strategies.
  5. Access Historical Data
    Komatsu has a data management system that stores the results of the oil analyses, called Lube Oil Analysis Management System (LOAMS). Historical data is stored on-line where graphs, reports and comprehensive recommendations can be accessed.