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Komatsu's wireless monitoring system

  • Track equipment location and performance
  • Track operator performance
  • Optimize equipment use and cost
  • Equipment location

KOMTRAX is Komatsu's wireless equipment monitoring system. Through the web you can monitor your machines daily activities and performance. Information is provided for several areas.

To learn more about KOMTRAX, click here to view our video.

Equipment hours of operation—Number of hours monitored for service reminders and for productivity.
Reports the actual time of day equipment is operating.

Equipment indicators— Provides fuel level in tank at the end of the day, machine loads, hydraulic pressure levels, and high water temperature during the day.* If a caution light flashes, the report indicates what type of caution light, when it flashed, and how many instances.

Troubleshooting—Any abnormalities are communicated.*

Maintenance—Alerts are given for replacement items, like changing oil and filters. With information on hydraulic pressure levels and machine loads, you can schedule component replacements and avoid major failures. Equipment hours indicate service needs.*

Operation controls—Engine lock and unlock capabilities assure that your equipment is operated only during approved times at approved locations.*

Operation indicators—Monitor operator performance with information on times for excavation, travel, dig, relief and hoist. Fuel consumption over the operating period gives average hourly rates.*

Operation analysis—Monthly and annual data reports can be used for fleet utilization analysis, machine scheduling, future equipment purchases and job costing.*

How do you access data?
Equipment data is collected via cutting edge wireless technology and transmitted to a secured, password protected web site. Provided you have access to the web, you have safe access to your data anytime, anywhere.

What equipment is compatible with KOMTRAX?
KOMTRAX comes standard on the majority of Komatsu's new model machines and includes 5 years free activation. In addition, any piece of equipment with a 12V or 24V electrical system can be retrofitted with KOMTRAX, including service trucks, utility machines and non-Komatsu equipment.

*KOMTRAX functionality is model dependent.
Contact your C.N. Wood representative for more information.