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Preventive Maintenance

Certified technicians
All of our technicians have completed the C.N. Wood certification program to assure that they are properly trained to service your equipment. Maintenance is too important to trust to someone who isn't qualified to spot problem signs during routine service procedures.

Warranty assurance
With documented KOWA oil analyses for your equipment, you'll never risk losing warranty coverage for an equipment problem.

Automatic scheduling
If your machinery is equipped with KOMTRAX, Komatsu's GPS tracking device, we can automatically schedule your equipment for maintenance service at intervals of 250 hours. KOMTRAX provides actual service meter readings so we can monitor your equipment for Preventive Maintenance service.

Environmental compliance
Oil and antifreeze are considered hazardous waste, which must be properly identified, stored, transported, treated and disposed of under Subtitle C of the federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA). C.N. Wood is careful to avoid liability for improperly disposing of these wastes by assuring disposal only through licensed, authorized hazardous waste service providers.

Payment options
Flexible payment options are available, including monthly payments. You can even add the first year's contract fees into the financing for a new machine.

What's included in Preventive Maintenance?
Inspections at 250 Hour Intervals*

• Manufacturer's Maintenance Guide recommendations for the
 appropriate interval are followed for each model and serial number
• Labor, parts and fluids
• Oil analyses under Komatsu's KOWA Program to determine levels of
 particulates and various metals, so that potential repairs can
 be identified before they become critical

23+ Point Inspection
Engine Compartment—Belts and hoses, fuel leaks, coolant leaks, engine oil leaks, air induction system, exhaust system, charging system (wiring, brackets, braces and bolts), air system, and more.

Operator's Compartment—safety equipment (seat belt, horn, alarms), warning lights and gauges, windows and wipers, seat and cushion, lighting, and more.

Exterior of Machine—undercarriage, tires, wheels, suspension, winch or ripper, hydraulic cylinders, cutting edges, shanks and teeth, blade and bucket mounts, oil and fuel leaks, and more.

A written estimate will be provided for any repairs that may be required.

*Additional charges: Air filters, diagnostic service and repairs