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Certified Technicians
Komatsu and C.N. Wood partner to train new technicians

  • • C.N. Wood Technicians are equipment experts
  • • Komatsu's state-of-the-art training facility offers hands-on experience

C.N. Wood's Technicians Are Trained and Tested
C.N. Wood's technicians participate in Komatsu's training for certification before they begin servicing your equipment. They undergo extensive technical training on all aspects of equipment operation, including heavy equipment diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Our technicians have experienced both classroom training and on-the-job training to assure that they understand any nuances in machine maintenance and repair. Special attention is paid to safety regulations and procedures during the training process.

Komatsu Provides Training and Support for C. N. Wood Technicians
Our technicians also attend courses offered by our manufacturers to assure that they understand the latest repair and maintenance techniques. Komatsu provides hands on training in its state-of-the-art facility in Cartersville, Georgia, guided by a team of technical specialists. Courses on the function and performance of specific machines cover preventive maintenance inspections, adjusting, testing, troubleshooting and repair. Component courses focus on engines, transmissions, hydraulics and other systems and include disassembly, assembly and testing. On staff are the Parts Technical Team, a group of service engineers and a highly trained field force, who provide expert technical assistance on any equipment service topic.

C.N. Wood Offers Unrivaled Technical Support
Key to our high level of expertise is our Training and Technical Support Department. This department continuously trains our technicians and provides instant staff support to assure prompt and accurate diagnosis. C.N. Wood stays abreast of the latest technological developments with diagnostic equipment and knowledge to assure high quality service for you.

Training Services for Product Support Specialists
Our Product Support Specialists are highly skilled and competent in all facets of equipment operation, life-cycle maintenance, training and equipment evaluation. They provide a full range of support services to enhance your operations, including recommendations for proper equipment maintenance, tips on how to extend the useful life of components, instructions on using KOMTRAX and OEM software.