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Pair of Vactor vehicles makes sewer projects more efficient for the Town of Wellesley Department of Public Works

Excavation and underground utility projects in metropolitan areas confront contractors and municipalities with multiple challenges. From undisclosed utility lines to tight working spaces, each project is unique. With C.N. Wood’s Vactor and TRUVAC rental program, you can meet any job site’s challenges head on.

“We have several vehicles available for our customers to choose from through our growing TRUVAC and Vactor rental program, including the TRUVAC vacuum excavator and the Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner,” stated C.N. Wood Sales Manager Tom Fiore. “Customers can rent the equipment on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the job. The rental program also provides an opportunity for our customers to test out the equipment before purchasing it through an RPO (rental purchase option).”

Fiore notes that the rental program is an excellent option for a variety of customers. “The RPO is a great choice for our customers that would like to add a machine, but might face a temporary cash-flow problem,” noted Fiore. “Also, if a customer doesn’t have a full-time use for the machine, the rental program allows them to temporarily add it to their fleet for a specific job without taking on the cost of ownership. In both situations, we’re able to get the customer the machine they need without the headache.”

Well-maintained trucks

When renting through C.N. Wood, customers know they are getting well-maintained trucks.

“Because the trucks are new, we can maximize our customers’ uptime without costly breakdowns that can occur as machines age,” said Fiore. “When a truck returns to the shop, we take care of the maintenance. Our goal is to keep each truck in the best condition possible throughout the time it’s in our rental fleet.”

Which truck is right for you? That depends on what type of work you do.

“The Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner is great for municipalities or private contractors providing routine sewer services,” explained Fiore. “The TRUVAC vacuum excavator is an excellent option for any construction company or municipality completing sensitive digging around gas pipes, water lines, fiber optic cables and other utilities that can’t be damaged. Even with the best operator, traditional digging using an excavator can be dangerous. The TRUVAC reduces the chance of damaging a utility and keeps your crew safer.” 

To inquire about renting a truck through C.N. Wood’s Vactor and TRUVAC rental program, contact your local sales representative or call 781-935-1919.

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