Remanufactured Parts

Save up to 40% over buying new

  • Any brand, any model
  • Same warranty as new

Reduce your cost of ownership with remanufactured parts and machine rebuilds. All remanufactured components and machine rebuilds are completed to OEM specifications and come with a same-as-new warranty.

Remanufactured Components

Whether it's a cylinder head or the complete engine, each remanufactured part is constructed to the manufacturer's specifications. C.N. Wood offers several remanufacturing options, so you can schedule your machine's downtime in advance. We use only top quality OEM parts to improve machine performance and extend maximum component life.

Machine Rebuilds

C.N. Wood also provides complete, factory certified machine rebuilds. Each machine is disassembled to its frame and rebuilt with only OEM remanufactured components, systems, electrical harnesses, instruments, drive lines, hydraulic components, and hoses, plus new paint and decals. Every machine rebuild includes the most recent updates and a new warranty so you can rest assured your machine will operate like new.

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