Komatsu's wireless monitoring system

  • Instantly track equipment location
  • Easily monitor operator performance and hours operated
  • Receive automatic service and routine maintenance notifications

KOMTRAX is installed on your Komatsu equipment to help you manage your machines effectively and efficiently. KOMTRAX comes standard on most new Komatsu equipment.

Reduce Overhead and Downtime

When KOMTRAX is enabled on your Komatsu machine, C.N. Wood is automatically notified if there is a problem with your equipment that requires attention. KOMTRAX data will also identify what replacement parts may be needed, so that our technicians can be prepared to solve the problem and have your machine up and running as fast as possible.

Work Faster and Reduce Fuel Usage

With KOMTRAX operating information, you can lower fuel costs and improve productivity. KOMTRAX provides up-to-date information on machine idle time, fuel burn, operating modes, and load factors, so you can make informed decisions that will decrease your total cost of ownership.

Plan Downtime with Scheduled Maintenance

KOMTRAX automatically tracks service history and will notify you when routine maintenance is due. Current equipment hours and location will be provided to C.N. Wood to allow our technicians to be more efficient and complete the service on your schedule.

Prevent Theft

Lock your equipment remotely and monitor its location to protect against theft or unauthorized use. With KOMTRAX, only authorized users can log in to obtain machine information, ensuring that sensitive data stays in the proper hands.

Go Mobile

Now you can manage your fleet anytime, anywhere, from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet.

Retrofit Older Equipment

Any machine with a 12 or 24 V electrical system can be retrofitted with KOMTRAX, including service trucks, utility machines, or even non-Komatsu equipment.